The Cancer Man 080624

The Cancer man while generally being a kind man should not be confused as being soft.

Fundamentally, The Cancer man is a one-woman man and very romantic but, he is generally unaware of his own attractiveness so it's advisable to constantly boost his ego.

His sense of humour and outlook tends to appeal to women but he will often project acts of sociability to conceal his feelings of insecurity.

The Cancer man can be an excellent and amusing companion but, being somewhat difficult to pin down, and, it can take time to really get to know the Cancer man.

Most partners find that Cancer men have considerable sex appeal however there are times when he should be left alone especially when he is dealing with problems.

Flattery doesn't work with the Cancer man unless he detects a genuine intent behind it. He can be deeply hurt, so any form of thoughtless criticism should be restrained.

Cancer men are generally, courteous, kind and considerate. They tend to dress conservatively but hate to stand out in a crowd. The Cancer man is highly protective of both himself and his family and, although generally peaceful by nature he possesses powerful emotional drives that can arise where his family becomes threatened.

The Cancer man makes for a gentle, caring, sympathetic and understanding father, projecting exceptional patience, pride and protection toward his children.

The Cancer male has a strong appreciation of beautiful and artistic things and, as result; some highly talented artists, musicians, and other professional people have been born under this Sign.

With a considerable literary ability, they often make excellent lawyers, judges, doctors, and entertaining speakers. Some of the finest scholars and, some of the world's wealthiest men have been born under the sign of Cancer.

Suitable Vocations for Cancer that utilize their teaching and helping qualities:

Hospitality Industry, Education, Protection, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Archaeology, Agricultural, Chef-Catering, Doctor, Dietician, Entertainer, Farming, Market Gardening, Hotel Personnel, Historian, Kindergarten, Lifeguard, Manufacturing, Nursing, Midwife, Oceanographer, Property Admin, Shop Retailer, Teaching.