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如果破解iphone的访问限制密码 How To Reset RESTRICTIONS PASSCODE IPHONE (ios 12+)


第一步:用itunes加密备份手机到本地。ios 版本12以上 不支持 ios13.

First step:  Use the “Backup” button to backup your device – You will need to check the “Encrypt iPhone backup” option if you are using iOS 12.


2nd step:  Download the latest release of pinfinder for Mac

第三步:如果是mac版本 10.14以上的系统使用pinfinder,需要在设置-安全与隐私-隐私 里,左侧选择“完全磁盘访问权限”,右侧加入 终端.app

3rd step: If you are using Mac OS X Mojave (10.14) you will need to allow terminal programs to access the backup data created by iTunes. To do this, open the “Security & Privacy” pane in System Preferences, select the “Privacy” tab and “Full disk access”, add the “Terminal.” program (located in the Application->Utility folder) to the list of allowed applications.

第四步:运行 pinfinder小工具,等待几分钟即可找出访问限制密码。

4th step : run pinfinder and wait for the result.